Certificate ID:

To find enrolled calves, look for the neon green ear tags or three-celled scorecard on the sale screen or in the catalog. Each enrollment group also is assigned a unique Certificate ID, and you can enter this number into the search to gain access to their formal marketing certificate. These certificates have their three scores, detail on their health protocol, information on the seller, dual enrollment in process-verified programs (PVP) and other notes from the seller.

Select specific Cattle for sale by choosing a type and/or state. All will return all available in that category. Select a broader result by highlighting several states by holding down the control key or selecting both for types. You will also be able to search by:

  1. State, group type (heifers/steers/mixed), and/or dual enrolled AngusSource® groups.
  2. "Certificate ID" - a 7-digit number found at the bottom of an enrollment group's marketing certificate and on the neon-green Angus Link visual tags.

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