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Angus Web sites offer information

The American Angus Association, Angus Productions Inc. (API) and Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) have a variety of Web sites to provide information.

Association sites — This is the Association’s flagship Web site and the place to go for information on programs and services, member and industry links, or how to contact the Association and its staff. — This site is your passport to AAA Login, where you can submit registrations and Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR) data, pay your balance, purchase and transfer artificial insemination (AI) certificates, and view your registered herd inventory. — On-line, searchable version of the most recent Angus Sire Evaluation report — This site is the official Web site of the National Junior Angus Association (NJAA). Here you’ll find information about upcoming junior activities, downloadable scholarship forms, plus much more. You can also enter junior shows online through this site. — AngusSource® is a marketing program that identifies Angus-sired cattle, sources them to the ranch of origin and provides group age information. Cattle enrolled in AngusSource® are identified with an official AngusSource® tag. Producers interested in enrolling cattle may do so by contacting the AngusSource® department at 816-383-5100. Producers interested in purchasing AngusSource® cattle can view listings and/or sign up to receive listings via e-mail. — This is the official Web site of the American Angus Auxiliary. Visit the site to obtain an Auxiliary scholarship application, find contact information for officers and committee members, review the Auxiliary’s by-laws or its history, learn about fund-raising activities, and access a membership application. — Through this site you can readily access Web sites of regional and state associations, junior associations, members, industry and international associations.

Angus Productions Inc. sites — This is the official Web site of the Association’s award-winning publication, the Angus Journal. Features allow you to search past issues, browse online sale books and read the most current editorial content. — This site is dedicated to the Association’s publication specifically for commercial producers, the Angus Beef Bulletin. — API provides real-time coverage of the Cattle Industry Annual Convention and Trade Show and posts information presented at the convention. — This site is dedicated to listing Angus breeders’ sale dates, state association field days, and other Angus shows and events scheduled across the country. Browsers may sort the listings by location and date. — In today’s fast-paced beef industry, cattle producers are looking for new marketing options. Angus e-Classifieds is that tool. With the click of a mouse, browsers can find Angus seedstock, commercial cattle, equipment, hay, embryos and semen. This site offers online posting of items or services and allows Angus breeders to view what others have for sale. — The Angus e-List is a compilation of Angus industry news, information about “hot topics” in the beef industry, and updates about upcoming shows, sales and events. News sent to subscribers will come from material authored by API staff, the American Angus Association and CAB, as well as state Extension specialists and other experts in the industry. Go to this site to sign up. — This Web site is intended to be a platform for global information sharing within the Angus family worldwide. There’s a lot to learn about Angus herds and events in other countries, as well as marketing seedstock abroad. This site may provide a link to such information. — This site is designed to help Angus breeders and other Angus enthusiasts obtain photo scans to develop promotional items for their Angus farm or ranch, for educational purposes or to promote the breed. “Angus Scans” and “AJ Show Photos” are the two portions of the site that breeders can visit for promotional photos of animals. The Angus Scans page allows you to search for photos of Angus bulls and females using the registration number or the animal’s name. The Show Photo section allows exhibitors to view photos of their winning entries from the Angus super-point Roll of Victory (ROV) shows and the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS). You can order prints of your favorite proof or download a scan for promotional usage. — This is the flagship site for API. It provides a description of API’s departments and services and lists staff contacts. — Beef cow efficiency is perhaps the greatest single factor affecting your profitability as a beef producer. This site is intended to serve as a gateway to information you might find useful in improving the efficiency of your ranch for the long haul. — This site provides real-time coverage of the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) annual meeting. Topics discussed at the conference are displayed online through symposium papers, newsroom articles and other informational postings. Listen to audios of presentations and view archives from previous conferences. — This site provides a resource for producers across the country who are affected by drought. This comprehensive site was developed as a service to breeders to provide a one-stop site for information on how to deal with drought. — This site offers information about the controversial issue of country-of-origin labeling (often referred to as COOL or COL). The purpose of this Web site is to serve as a gateway to information regarding the current interpretation of legislation, to inform producers of meeting dates that relate to country-of-origin labeling and to make you aware of current actions being taken by cattlemen across the country.

Angus Foundation sites — Learn about projects supported by the Angus Foundation and why the success of Angus youth is vital to the future of the breed.

CAB sites — Here you will find information on where to buy Certified Angus Beef® products through local restaurants and retailers, online stores, cooking tips and videos, beef cut descriptions, and a variety of recipes. You'll also find company contact information and job opportunities. — The online presence for producers that want to know more about producing cattle for the Certified Angus Beef® brand. Visitors can access production resources, brand information and quality-focused production research. Producers hungry for even more information can access the news room for production articles on the brand.