Angus Genetics Inc.

Seedstock Options

Evaluating Your Seedstock Herd

Every calf crop represents genetic progress in your seedstock operation, building on the best your operation has to offer. Take your selection decisions to the next level through genomic technology.

AGI’s suite of test options are used to establish GE-EPDs to measure genetic merit for breeding stock, and can also determine parentage or test for genetic conditions — important capabilities in the management of your herd.

Genomic testing technology has evolved since genomic profile results were first incorporated into Angus EPDs in 2010. The hundreds of thousands of HD tests submitted by Angus breeders to date have helped improve and regularly calibrate genomics programs to interpret markers, increase accuracy and allow for the development of low-density (LD) tests, as well as the GeneMax suite of tests for commercial users of Angus genetics.

The availability of HD and LD tests gives Angus cattle producers several options in genomic testing, available through AGI’s partnering labs GeneSeek and Zoetis and accessible through AAA Login

Determining which is right for your operation depends on several factors.

Testing Options

High density (HD)
Most advanced genomic testing option
Regardless of provider, genotype results are equivalent in their contributions to calculating GE-EPDs.
Ideal for high-impact parents who are likely to have progeny tested using LD tests (ex: highly used AI sires)
Low density (LD)
More affordable with nearly the same level of accuracy as HD tests
Through imputation, results are indistinguishable from HD tests (the correlation between HD and LD genomic predictions is .99).
Makes testing more animals feasible and is suitable for most animals
Note: Selecting which test and company is in an individual decision, and AGI may choose to upgrade certain samples that were initially LD-tested to HD tests to maintain the accuracy of genomics programs.


Zoetis® Genomic Testing Price
Zoetis® HD50K (includes Parentage) $75.00
Zoetis® i50K (includes Parentage) $37.00
Add Coat Color $5.00
Add AM Test $8.00
Add NH Test $8.00
Add CA Test $8.00
Add OS Test $8.00
Add DD Test $10.00
Add OH Test $8.00
Add M1 Test $18.00
Add D2 (Dwarfism) Test $20.00
Add BVD Test (TSU Only) $4.50
GeneSeek® Genomic Testing Price
GeneSeek® GGP-HD (includes Parentage) $75.00
GeneSeek® GGP-LD (includes Parentage) $37.00
Add Coat Color $5.00
Add AM Test $8.00
Add NH Test $8.00
Add CA Test $8.00
Add OS Test $8.00
Add DD Test $10.00
Add OH Test $8.00
Add M1 Test $18.00
Add Dwarfism (D2) Test $20.00
Add BVD Test (Hair or TSU Only) $4.50
AGI DNA Tests Price
Parentage $18.00
Coat Color Test $18.00
Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM) Test $22.00
Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH) Test $22.00
Contractural Arachnodactyly (CA) Test $22.00
Osteopetrosis (OS) Test $22.00
Developmental Duplication (DD) Test $22.00
Myostatin (M1) Test $22.00
Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation (OH) Test $18.00
Dwarfism (D2) Test $22.00
Additional Sample handling fee of $2.50 will be charged per sample for samples submitted in blood tubes or hair not on proper hair cards.